The mummy
Number of persons: 2-6

Size: 40m2
Complexity: 5 of 5
32 915$
Furniture included
All included
43 990$
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A group of tomb raiders, have successfully located an ancient burial pyramid hidden in the King`s Valley in Egypt. They follow the notes left by a famous archeologist, who sent missing while looking for anancient royal diamond, "The Red Giant". While excavating the entrance, the grave robbers attempt to go deeper into the tombs by destroying the doors with dynamite. But, this also causes the tunnels to collapse behind them. When they come about, they realize that they have only about an hour left, before they run out of air. The group has only one choice – to move forward unprepared for what is waiting for them inside the Pharos's tomb.
Game elemetns
Pharaoh's golden sarcophagus
Wall of hieroglyphs
Pharaoh's jewelry
Photo escape room
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Escape rooms two variants of price
with and without installation
Furniture included
All included
Escape room

Escape room control system
Audio system for administrator
Audio and video voice acting
Technical support for 6 months before launch and after
Album of drawings for builders
Safe packaging for transportation
Сonstruction work

Materials for wall decoration
Room decoration
7 days to installation 1 escape room
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