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Props and Scenery

Joinery and metal shops


Interior Design


Full Automation


TOP in Dubai, USA, Europe and Russia


Incredible puzzles lead visitors of your escape rooms to dive deep into the game and to experience high level of immersion. Our puzzles are carefully designed by very talented and top qualified developers and successfully tested all over the world.

Table top with domino

Drum lock

An instrument for mixing the aromas

Four elements

Cash machine

Electric circuit

Props and Scenery

Mastery and the materials and approaches we have developed allow us to create unique objects, as well as an amazing surrounding space.

The Costume and Hammer of Minotaur

Quidditch set

Full length statue of Anubis

Joinery and metal shops

Furniture, objects of any shape and design - for our masters there is nothing impossible


Antique cupboard

Rotating throne

Full Automation

Our solutions practically do not require manual control - all work is fully automated.

Automated sensors system allows to switch on:

Light and laser

Sounds and music

Opening locks and doors

Servomotor and animatronic

Management system allows the operator:

To define the participants' location

To automatically make a hint

To completely manage the playing process from PC

Not to require an operator’s interference

Video of our escape rooms

Макет квест комнаты. Электроника для квеста

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Hi Tech escape room prop

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Augmented, virtual and mixed reality paves the bridge into fantasy worlds, organically interwoven with reality.

Da Vinci AR Escape Room - Brainy Lab

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Brainy AR integrates the software into the created control system. Actions performed in AR affect real objects: geocaches and doors are opened, animatronics, special effects, and even movement of walls are started! Also, you can improve the room with mechanical automated riddles and props from Brainy Lab.

NEED elements for your escape room?

Need incredible puzzles, unique props, industrial electronics, well-thought-out scenarios, amazing design, high-quality projects, even VR or AR for your escape room?

All for your escape rooms is here!

Usage of our elements leads escape rooms to be top ranked all over the world (USA, Europe, Dubai etc.) with excellent reviews, great attendance and high revenue!

Leave a request, and we will contact you to discuss your needs!

how to get high-quality and successful escape room?

 Successful escape room is the result of professionally made stages of development and construction

High-quality and creative scenario, scripts

Deep approach, high level of knowledge of different genres lead to scripts that are great starting point of top ranked escape room.

Professional documentation, plans, schemes

High-quality documentation lets avoid errors during manufacturing and construction and make precise planning.

High-end props, puzzles. Industrial electronics ­

All the parts of escape room are made in uniform style. Escape room is controlled by professional software and industrial automation. ­

You get high revenue for a long time

Great attendance, excellent reviews, top rankings and high revenue. Escape rooms by Brainy Lab - great contemporary business!

 how our professional solutions save your budget?

professional vs amateur escape rooms



Scenario with errors­

Not interesting, errors at the stage of building, time and money spendings­.

Lack of some documents, low-quality documentation­

Plans and budget are not accurate, the space is rent but it is very hard to open due to errors in documents­, or documents don't exist at all­.

Puzzles and props ­from different manufacturers with inconsistent connectors and varied styles­

Can be easily broken­, the logics can be unclear for visitors. Hard to connect and maintain. Troubles during the game­. Visitors are not happy.­

Inconsistent interior design ­

Untrusted atmosphere, no deep diving­. Low reviews and attendance­.

No automation / poor automation­

Game master needs to enter escape room if something goes wrong­. Disrupting of atmosphere­.


Totals ­

High probability of long terms and spendings of more money than planned. Risks of not to open at all.­ Risks of low reviews and attendance, breakages. Short life and low revenue­. Great time for business is lost and competitors are ahead.­



High quality well-tried script

Escape room is logical and very interesting. All other documents could be made with high quality­.

Professional documentation­

Construction plans and terms are short and predictable, budget is precisely calculated­.

Well-thought-out and professionally manufactured puzzles and props­

Puzzles and props are in common style, have common connectors and combines with each other and interiors­. Elements integrated with story well­.

Creative and competently made interior design­

Exciting atmosphere, ­high level of immersion

Full automation, industrial electronics and software­

Consistent gameplay, better than modern cinema­. Visitors want to play more.­


Totals ­

High level of immersion. Excellent reviews, top rankings. Happy visitors, great attendance. High revenue for a long time. Your escape room is ahead of competitors for a long time.­

So, money saving on self-made amateur escape room is a mistake in most cases...

Every stage, that is made unprofessionally, results in budget excess and wasting time.

You should distinguish what looks like money saving and what is money saving!

We can help!

The best option - high quality turn-key escape room!

 We guarantee high quality on all the stages of development and construction of escape rooms.

Want high quality? We will do it for you!