Many years have passed since Lannibal Hecter, MD, surgeon and psychiatrist, was imprisoned for numerous murders. But not everyone remembers him as a cannibal monster - some admire the genius of the maniac. And it looks like he has a follower. Due to the atrocities of the maniac, the police in your area have strongly recommended that you be vigilant and not leave your home at night.

Without attaching any importance to all this, you and your friends have planned a trip to another city. On the Internet, you found yourself a travel companion with a minivan, who went there to visit his relatives. The good-natured driver, who turned out to be a village doctor, aroused no suspicions in anyone, and you hit the road. Soon you began to feel sleepy. One by one, you all passed out.
After a while, you woke up in a dark, damp room.
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